Air Quality Monitor

One of the most important considerations in combating the spread of germs is the quality of the air.

Take a look at the NHS video for further guidance.

This little device, measuring just 10cm x 10cm x 10cm constantly monitors the quality of air in the room

Each device monitors an area of 80 sq m for levels of CO2 that we exhale.

It then notifies by way of a traffic light system whether the air quality is good (green light) or requires attention (yellow) and how severe (red light)

Should the light move away from green, opening of windows will help dilute the CO2 levels. If this persists it would be worth considering the installation of extractor fans or other ventilation appliances.

Too much CO2 also affects concentration, physical well-being and health, so worth monitoring at all times.


Ideal for all indoor environments such as:-

  • OFFICES    
  • easy to understand traffic light system
  • 360° visible light band
  • long life, powerful and calibrated NDIR CO2 sensor
  • measuring range 400 ppm up to 10.000 ppm (± 30 ppm)
  • supports compliance with DIN 1946-6
  • discreet tone with mute function
  • for rooms up to max. 80 m²
  • Made in Germany
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Air Quality Monitoring device will reduce fatigue, improve well-being and reduce the spread of germs
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