Who knew there were so many ducks in the world! It may not have crossed your mind before, but our squeaky ducks are the ideal promotional product for all target audiences!

These funny little fellows will enchant everyone they meet and leave a smile on their faces, and are bound to make people remeber your brand. We have a duck for pretty much everything, but if you have your own ideas, that's no problem, as we are happy to discuss customer specific models. 

Each duck in our range is available to be printed with your logo.

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Standard Ducks

These may be the 'standard' options in the range, but they are anything but ordinary. From a plain squeaky duck, to giant ducks, swimming ducks, or even colour-changing ducks, these are ideal for anyone who wants a bit of fun branding!

Standard Ducks

City Ducks:

The world is your oyster...and our ducks have been everywhere! From Paris to London, these are great if your in the Tourist industry, as a happy souvenir for your guests!

World Ducks


Ducks on the Job:

From bakers to construction workers, our ducks do almost every job imaginable. Perfect as a gift for your employees, or a fun thank you to your clients.

Job Ducks


Sporty Ducks:

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming - our ducks like to keep fit and active, and so are in a fantastic position to promote your gyms, activewear, or sports clubs! From tennis players, to marathon goers, these little ducklings are bound to put a smile on the competitors weary faces!

Sporty Ducks


Seasonal Ducks:

Whether it be snowing in Winter (ish!) or sunny in spring, our ducks are always happy, and in a prime position to promote your brand any time of year! So why not wish your clients a Happy Easter, or Merry Christmas in a slightly different way this year?!

Seasonal Ducks