Advent April!

Advent April!
This may seem like a completely bizarre thing to read at the beginning of the year but in fact we are a quarter of the way through the year already! Although Christmas is just over 8 months away, complex or bespoke calendars require much planning and the first quater of the year is the best time to do this. Apart from the design and prototyping on our side, you will also need time to plan distribution, if for resale purposes.

Advent Calendars are a great way to showcase your products and give your customers a little something new to try each day of December in the lead up to Christmas. Not only do Advent Calendars create a huge blank canvas to display your branding, the possibilities are limitless.

Our pre-designed range of calendars, containing confectionery, is extensive and can be ordered anytime until October, although it's best to reserve stock by August to be safe. Existing design shapes include lorries, buildings, clocks, snow globes and many more.

With regards to the bespoke Advent Calendars we can also help with branded contents. You may wish to use your own products throughout but if you are looking for other ideas we can brand all sorts of miniatures with your details, such as spirits, keyrings, candles, jewellery and cosmetics.

For all year round use we offer Countdown Calendars, based on the same principle as the Advent Calendar but with small, useful items the recipient can open in advance of an event, be it a product launch, sales convention, exhibition or hositality day. These are more likely to have just 6 or 12 doors.

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