Christmas and New Year

Christmas Trees

A perfect alternative to a Christmas Card: eco-friendly, and a permanent reminder of you and a continual talking point, year after year. Why not do something different this Christmas and send a tree!

Christmas Trees


Promotional Calendars

Why Promotional Calendars?

Biggest reason: Promotional calendars are effective, providing 365 days of your advertising, costing pennies per day.

Any company who is looking for long term exposure of their brand, name and services requires value for money, that is a given. Calendar advertising is without doubt - Visible – efficient – relevant – powerful.

Visible - with their huge advertising space, which can be printed in any number of colours, this advert is on view on either wall or desk every day of the year and in a busy area can be seen by 100s of potential customers.

Efficient - cost efficient as even the most expensive calendar only works out at pennies per customer per day. Efficiency through targeting the recipients, i.e. those companies you want to deal with. Tax efficient, not only with being able to claim back VAT, or offset the cost against advertising, the cost of calendars can also be claimed back against capital gains under the Gift Tax Allowance!

Relevant – even in this electronic age, many people still appreciate being given such a visual item that is always ready to inform, does not need batteries, warming up or crashes!

Powerful – the images are powerful in themselves, in addition the calendar makes a powerful statement about your business. You are known by what you give, and everything a company sends out with its name on is a direct reflection of its image.



Christmas Cards

Our Christmas card collection includes a great choice of styles and themes, whether you are looking for a traditional card or prefer something a little more fresh and modern. With the option to personalise your card and add your own logo, you can create a truly bespoke festive greeting to send out to your clients.

Christmas Cards


Christmas Baubles

We offer an impressive range of personalised Christmas tree decorations, and what better than our range of baubles, which are available in different shapes, colours and sizes.
We can customise ornaments made to your design with your logo, message or greeting.
So why not brand a bauble and be creatively festive with your promotions this Christmas.


Promotional Diaries

Promotional diaries are another fantastic and popular way of having you brand seen every single day

With a wide range of diaries, including pocket, a5, a4, and spiral bound, our range offers the perfect diary whatever your requirements.

Check out our full range of Diaries here!


Christmas Confectionery

From advent calendars to gingerbread men, our range of Christmas Confectionery holds the perfect sweet gift. Showcase your company with high quality gifts this Christmas.

Christmas Confectionery