Creative Matches

Creative Matches!

Find your perfect match with our quirky match boxes! From coffee to mini laptops, we can create a match box in almost any shape, perfect for promoting your brand. Whether you are an estate agent helping people find their perfect home, a University helping students find their perfect school or a restaurant offering the perfect dish, these bespoke boxes are a fabulous way to advertise your brand in a fun and unique way. No need for matches? That's not to worry, as we can also use these little boxes as perfect holders for stationery.

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Normal Match Boxes

Whilst we can do bespoke shapes if you are interested, we can also do standard boxes and cases fully branded with your logo and design! We can also provide scented matches if it is of interested, please get in touch directly to find our more about this option. 


Have you found your perfect match? These shaped boxes are ideal for estate agents as a house-shaped send-out, but are also perfect for companies looking to spread their message in a unique way. 

Odd shapes

Fully customisable and tailored to your needs, our bespoke boxes are a perfect way to really draw attention to your brand, with something that catches people's eye!


Go green with a Seed Match booklet! Promote your brand in an eco-friendly way, with a little gift that will really last, and will be sure to keep your company in your client's minds!